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Excerpted from The South End News

"With music lovers able to pick and choose, what possessed those attending Saturday night's concert by the Chameleon Arts Ensemble to have trudged out in the middle of a nor'easter? To be once again surprised and charmed by what has become one of Boston's leading classical music groups.

"From its wonderfully quircky but solid programming to the spot-on performing by some of the areas most gifted young performers, Chameleon concerts have become a "must-be-heard" affair that should be on every music lover's calendar."

"Chameleon has all the right colors"

"Saturday night's concert by The Chameleon Arts Ensemble…was yet another impressive recital from this young group."

"top notch clarity and workmanship"

"The ensemble is winning a reputation for presenting a refreshing selection of chamber works that thankfully strays away from the staid repertory of the genre."

"Chamber music: Play it well, they will come"

"Spirited musicians, superb playing and nifty programming proved a winning formula...."

"...on the mark performances of works by Beethoven, Bartok and Brahms..."

"While projecting a coziness and informality in concert - not a jacket, tie or tight black shoes were in sight - the performers Saturday took a degree of professionalism and polish to each of the works."

"Technique and confidence were hallmarks of Schepkin's performance, a dead-on interpretation...."

"seamless teamwork"

"If there was anything more glorious than the tone coming from Gary Gorczyca clarinet, try and find it."

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