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Excerpted from Bay Windows

"While interesting music programming abounds in Boston, the creative energy of the Chameleon Arts ensemble offers a range in repertoire that many of the long-established groups should learn from. Artistic Director Deborah Boldin continues to find a path of adventure and excitement for her group or impressive musicians."

"a compelling and dynamic ensemble."

"The Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston offered a program of exhilarating variety, with music spanning three centuries, all of it written by women."

"The musicians of the Chameleon ensemble offer a high standard of artistry. With such insightful programming, I would keep an eye on their future offerings."

"Full of exuberant and piquant energy, Nancy Dimock (oboe), Boldin (flute) and guest pianist Virginia Eskin brought warm sunshine and the scent of citrus into the room with their energizing performance."

"Emphasizing their commitment to a wide range of styles, the Chameleon Arts Ensemble offered a fascinating program, with little-known works by women composers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries."

"Prolific in genres ranging from the symphony to the piano etude, Louise Farrenc (1804-1875) employed in her sextet a novel scoring of wind quintet plus piano to impressive use. It provided an arresting opening to the program, with Gloria Chien (piano) conveying all the richness and depth of Farrenc's work."

"The newest work on the program was Finnish composer's Kaija Saariaho's trio "Je sens un deuxième coeur" (I feel a second heart) for viola, cello and piano. It premièred earlier this year, and the Chameleons gave the work its first Boston performance.... [They] gave a fearless performance of this disturbing work."

"Libby Larsen is widely recognized and frequently honored as a distinctive and accessible voice in contemporary American music. Soprano Sabina Learman brought a straightforward, effective dramatic quality to Larsen's "Songs from Letters" (written by Calamity Jane to her daughter), for soprano and piano. At times rollicking, at others, poignant, the songs are always direct and lyrical. Learman's adept vocal quality was given nuanced support by Gloria Chien (piano) in this warm and compelling performance.

"Amy Beach's Quintet for piano and strings was the best-known work on the program. In this piece from 1908, Beach's lush chromaticism evokes the flavor of César was a fully convincing performance, capturing Beach's tempestuousness and expansive breadth of conception. "

"The Chameleons fully deserve the devoted following they have built, and the audience was also rewarded with a scrumptious reception - featuring Chameleon Cellars, an outstanding new Napa Valley vineyard that seems to have named itself after the ensemble."

"The Chameleon Arts Ensemble knows what they're doing and they do it well. While the ensemble and its players can hardly still qualify in the category of young-and-hungries, they're all smart, and many are seasoned from years in Boston and New York ensembles."

"The program opened with Mozart's Quintet in E-flat Major, K. 452, played with style and grace by an all-female quintet."

"Maurice Ravel's 'Introduction and Allegro' is typically Ravelian with its delicious instrumentation and big, gorgeous sounds. It's realy a showpiece for the harpist, and Anna Reinersman was magical, her fingers glistening with ease across a wide range of colors and dynamics. She led an accomplished ensemble including Chameleon Artistic Director Deborah Boldin, flute, and violist Scott Woolweaver, who played with a little gold reptile perched on his right shoulder."

"Poker-faced soprano Sabrina Learman navigated Wyner's jagged leaps and swooping vocal lines with aplomb, supported by a steady ensemble seven players deep. 'The Artist' is pure fun as a poem, and Wyner's settings (there were three) were each skillful and witty."

"[They] were confident in their interpretation of this demanding work that includes a wide range of colorful and unconventional effects..."

" undulating summer landscape, with the soaring span of the melodic lines and the pliant harmonic motion conveyed by Sabrina Learman, soprano and Sergey Schepkin, piano."

"There's something exhilarating about the crisp clean sonorities a woodwind quintet offers….Nancy Dimock, on the oboe, had a chance to soar, to swoop, glide, leap, cascade, which she did, rapturously and full of spontaneous momentum."

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